Afghan Transgender Individuals Seek Protection from Peshawar High Court

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Afghan Transgender Seek Protection from Peshawar High Court

Petition Filed to Prevent Forced Deportation

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Transgender people from Afghanistan have approached the Peshawar High Court, seeking protection from potential forced deportation by Pakistan. This legal move comes as they face numerous obstacles in Pakistan due to the absence of residency cards.

Court Referral for Safe Living Conditions

The Peshawar High Court has forwarded the petition to a judge to review the case and find a resolution that ensures a safe and secure life for these transgender individuals, protecting them from the oppressive conditions under the Taliban regime.

Struggles Under Taliban Rule

Members of the Afghan transgender community have highlighted the severe difficulties they endure under Taliban rule. “Without residency cards or UNHCR numbers, we are facing many problems; especially if you are transgender and Afghan, it creates a lot of difficulties,” stated Horeen, a transgender individual, underscoring the heightened challenges they encounter.

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