Argentina Feminists and LGBT Advocates Oppose Javier Milei

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Argentina Feminists and LGBT Advocates Oppose Javier Milei

Unprecedented Assembly Challenges Argentine Leadership

In Buenos Aires, a diverse group of around a hundred women, trans individuals, and non-binary folks congregated on Wednesday, March 6, at the Hector Quagliaro Hotel courtyard, courtesy of the ATE public employees’ union. A prominent green flag, symbolizing the “Campaign for Legal Abortion,” adorned one of the walls, gathering trade union members, local assembly delegates, individuals from working-class backgrounds, native communities, and the African diaspora. This meeting was a call to action in anticipation of International Women’s Day.

Growing Resistance Against Government Policies

Since Javier Milei assumed the presidency on December 10, 2023, there seems to be a resurgence in feminist activism within Argentina. As the March 8 demonstrations approach, activists are meticulously planning their strategies. One group is devising alternative routes for the march to counteract restrictive measures by Security Minister Patricia Bullrich, which were set immediately after her appointment. Meanwhile, another group is tasked with crafting a declaration for the upcoming gathering at Plaza del Congreso in Buenos Aires. Despite differing opinions, there was a consensus on presenting a unified stance against Milei’s stringent policies and his direct affronts to feminist and LGBT rights.

A Revival of Collective Action

“The level of participation in these meetings hasn’t been this high since 2018,” commended sociologist Luci Cavallero, a spokesperson for the Ni Una Menos (“Not one less”) initiative. “These gatherings have become crucial for shedding light on the tensions brought about by the current administration’s agenda.” The Argentine feminist movement has been influential for years and gained significant momentum in Latin America following the landmark Ni Una Menos rally against femicides on June 3, 2015. Subsequently, Argentine women achieved significant legislative victories, including measures against gender-based violence and the historic legalization of abortion in December 2020 amid the global health crisis.

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