Federal Judge Blocks Florida’s Ban on Gender-Affirming Healthcare

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Judge Blocks Florida’s Ban on Gender-Affirming Healthcare

Federal Judge Declares Ban Unconstitutional

On Tuesday, a federal judge ruled that certain aspects of Florida’s legislation banning puberty blockers and hormone therapy for transgender minors, as well as restrictions on gender-affirming healthcare for adults, are unconstitutional. The judge ordered that these provisions not be enforced.

Background on the Legislation

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the restrictive measures into law in 2023. The law prohibited individuals under 18 from accessing puberty blockers or hormone therapy for treating gender dysphoria. However, it made exceptions for children who had already started gender-affirming care before May 17, 2023, though with new limitations.

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Broader Context of Legislative Trends

This law is part of a series of restrictive measures introduced by Republicans in recent years aiming to regulate the lives of transgender individuals. The recent ruling represents a significant pushback against these efforts, ensuring that certain gender-affirming healthcare services remain accessible in Florida.

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