Hate preacher says gays should be killed by electric chair because it’s “a little more painful”

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Hate preacher says gays should be killed by electric chair because it’s “a little more painful”

Cleric Advocates for Capital Punishment Against LGBTQ+ Community

A member of the New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement, known for its extreme anti-LGBTQ+ stance, has publicly demanded the execution of homosexual individuals.

During a sermon delivered at the Bible Believers Baptist Church located in Union Gap, Washington, “Brother” Robert Larson vehemently stated, “That’s what fa**ots deserve, is the death penalty !” He further insisted that such executions should be conducted openly to serve as a public spectacle. Larson voiced his preference for the electric chair over other methods, describing it as “a little more painful.”

Larson, addressing his congregation, cited a biblical passage to justify his stance, asking, “What does God say the homos deserve?” He referred to Leviticus 20:13, claiming it supports his call for the death penalty against gay people.

Expanding on his rhetoric, Larson declared, “Every single sodomite, every single homosexual should get the electric chair.” He portrayed this act of public execution as a warning, labeling the LGBTQ+ community as “freaks,” “rapists,” and “child molesters,” and accusing them of being “God-haters.”

This pattern of inciting violence and employing derogatory language towards LGBTQ+ individuals is not isolated within the New IFB Church. Larson acknowledged that his counterparts in the movement have faced criticism for similar statements, including proposals for mass executions by firing squad. He, however, argued for a more painful method of execution.

In a separate but equally disturbing declaration in 2021, Pastor Jonathan Shelley of a Texas-based IFB church expressed indifference to the deaths of LGBTQ+ individuals, stating, “I think it’s great! I hope they all die !”

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Similarly, Danil Kutsar of the Sure Foundation Baptist Church in Spokane called for the death of gay people in 2022, expressing a desire for their eradication.

Another Texas pastor, Duncan Urbanek of the Stedfast Baptist Church in Watauga, also echoed this sentiment, advocating for the lawful execution of LGBTQ+ individuals by the government.

These statements reflect a continued pattern of extreme anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric within certain factions of the IFB movement, raising significant concerns about hate speech and the incitement of violence against marginalized communities.

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