France : a 15-year-old homosexual teenager kidnapped and beaten

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Homophobic attack on teenager Grenoble

Kidnapping and abuse in a cellar

On April 4 in Grenoble, a 15-year-old teenager, who identifies as homosexual, was the victim of an extreme act of violence. Captured in broad daylight on the public highway by several individuals, he was forced to go to a cellar where he was held for more than an hour and a half. According to information reported by Le Figaro and confirmed by Valeurs Actuelles, this young man suffered severe physical violence.

Details of the incident

During this ordeal, the teenager was insulted and humiliated on the basis of his sexual orientation, then hit with an iron bar. His attackers then exacerbated their cruelty by stealing his cell phone to broadcast personal pornographic videos on social networks.

Police intervention and legal consequences

Shortly after this incident, an investigation was initiated by the judicial police, leading to the arrest of five minors on the Wednesday following the attack. Intriguing detail, one of the attackers is the victim’s cousin, revealed to be hostile towards the latter’s sexual orientation. Four of the suspects were released under judicial supervision while the fifth was presented to a magistrate, preparing to be summoned for trial.

Four of the suspects were released under judicial supervision this Friday, according to our colleagues. The fifth individual was presented to a magistrate for summons by report.


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