India : The situation of transgender Congress worke

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India The situation of transgender Congress workers

The situation of transgender Congress workers in the Indian state of Kerala is worrying. Despite the launch in 2015 of a policy to ensure justice and equal rights for the transgender community, they still feel a lack of acceptance from their party colleagues.

The Kerala Pradesh Transgender Congress (KPTC), the state Congress-affiliated organization, was launched in 2020 under the presidency of Mullapally Ramachandran of the state Congress. For three years, this organization was led by Arunima M Kurup, a transgender woman and second-year law student. Arunima led numerous protests against the mistreatment of her colleagues by the authorities and police. However, she and her colleagues are now disheartened by the neglect they face both within and outside the organization. Although the KPTC has recently been overhauled, Arunima has been appointed godmother, a position that does not actually exist.

Arunima, during her tenure, organized several protests, including one calling for action against those responsible for the murder of a transgender woman, Shalu. This action prompted the state police chief to ask police officers to extend courtesy to the transgender community.

Ragarenjini, originally from Kollam, succeeded Arunima as KPTC president. An employee in the customer service department of the Kochi Metro, she also expressed feeling neglected by her party colleagues, particularly at lower levels. Ragarenjini actively participated in the Puthuppally by-election campaigns, but noticed instances of disrespect at local party meetings. The state Congress leadership has now urged all District Congress Committees to invite KPTC members to party programs.

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