Mary Trump Criticizes Jon Stewart’s comparison

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Mary Trump Criticizes Jon Stewart’s Mary Trump Criticizes Jon Stewart’s comparison

Stewart’s Controversial Commentary

Outraged by Jon Stewart’s comments, Mary Trump, an openly lesbian clinical psychologist, strongly disapproved of his comparison between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Stewart had sarcastically apologized on The Daily Show for suggesting both presidencies might be equally problematic due to the politicians’ ages.

Mary Trump Criticizes Jon Stewart’s Comparison of Biden and Donald Trump Response on Social Media

Reacting to Stewart’s episode, which faced Democratic criticism, Mary Trump voiced her concerns. On Twitter, she highlighted the danger of Stewart’s “both sides are the same” rhetoric to democracy. She further criticized him in a blog post, calling out his “both-sides bulls**t” and accusing him of supporting Donald Trump with his statements.

Acknowledging Biden’s Achievements

Despite acknowledging Biden’s age, Mary Trump praised his significant achievements. She pointed to the record economic recovery and historic investments in climate and infrastructure as proof of Biden’s effective leadership.

Stewart Defends His Show

In response to the backlash, Stewart defended his segment in a follow-up episode of The Daily Show. He shared Mary Trump’s tweet among others, arguing that his critics were opposed to discussion. He humorously dismissed the criticisms, emphasizing the brief duration of his show.

Mary Trump’s Counterargument

Mary Trump responded to Stewart’s defense with another blog post. She argued that Stewart had missed her critique’s point by setting up a “straw man.” She stressed the importance of accurate representation in media and comedy, especially regarding political figures.

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Drawing Distinctions Between Biden and Trump

Mary Trump concluded by contrasting Biden’s compassionate and effective presidency with Donald Trump’s threat to democracy. She emphasized the significant differences between their characters and achievements, underlining the irresponsibility of equating them.

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