Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine vetoes bill banning gender-affirming care for transgender minors

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Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s Veto on Transgender Youth Healthcare Bill

Ohio Governor Rejects Bill Against Transgender Youth Healthcare

In a decisive move, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine rejected a bill aimed at prohibiting gender-affirming treatments for transgender minors. Announced on Friday, this veto underscores a critical stance against limiting medical care for transgender youth.

Governor DeWine’s Stance on Parental Rights and Child Welfare

Governor DeWine expressed his view that signing such a bill would effectively place the state’s judgment above that of parents in matters concerning the welfare of their children.

Details of House Bill 68

The bill, known as House Bill 68, was passed just prior to the holiday recess. It sought to ban a range of gender-affirming healthcare services for transgender and nonbinary youth, including hormonal therapies, surgeries, and certain mental health services.

Attempt to Limit Transgender Athletes’ Participation in Sports

Additionally, the bill attempted to restrict transgender athletes from participating in female sports. This veto occurs amidst a backdrop of similar legislation being passed in approximately 20 states, as reported by the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBTQ+ advocacy organization.

Human Rights Campaign’s Response to the Veto

The Human Rights Campaign lauded Governor DeWine’s decision, calling it a significant victory for transgender youth and their families in Ohio. They released this statement via X, formerly known as Twitter.

Governor DeWine’s Personal Accounts and Testimonials

Governor DeWine shared personal accounts he had heard, including testimonials from individuals who have transitioned, stating their wellbeing and success in life is largely due to their transition.

The Life-or-Death Implications of the Bill

The governor underscored the potential life-or-death implications of the bill for transgender minors in Ohio, firmly stating his belief that this decision ultimately concerns the protection of human lives.

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Research on Suicide Risks Among Transgender Youth

Research highlights the elevated risks of suicide and suicide attempts among transgender and nonbinary youth. A 2018 study in the Pediatrics journal revealed alarming statistics: over half of transgender male teenagers had attempted suicide, with the figure for transgender female teens being nearly 30%.

Misconceptions About Gender-Confirming Care

Governor DeWine also tackled misconceptions about gender-confirming care, stating that decisions regarding such care should involve the minor, their parents, and medical professionals.

Governor’s Plans to Address Concerns Through Administrative Rules

The governor acknowledged the concerns raised in the bill and plans to address them through administrative rules. These include banning gender transition surgeries for those under 18, mandating reporting to state agencies for individuals receiving transgender care, and prohibiting temporary clinics.

Lack of Comment on Transgender Athletes in Sports

However, Governor DeWine did not comment on the bill’s proposal to ban transgender athletes from participating in female sports competitions.

Contrast with Actions in North Carolina and Idaho

This veto in Ohio contrasts with recent actions in North Carolina, where the state legislature’s Republican majority overruled vetoes by the Democratic governor on three bills targeting transgender youth. Additionally, a federal judge in Idaho recently halted a state law that would have banned gender-affirming care for transgender minors, just before its planned implementation in the new year.

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