Pope Francis’ Call for Ideological Flexibility

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Pope Francis’ Call for Ideological Flexibility

In a speech marked by verbal innovation, Pope Francis urged Vatican dignitaries to abandon “intransigent ideological positions”. The address comes shortly after his recent endorsement of blessings for homosexual unions.

In his traditional Christmas greeting to the hierarchy of the Holy See this past Thursday, Francis emphasized the need for evolution to effectively serve the Catholic Church. “Within our function here in the Curia, it is essential to persevere in advancing, to continue our quest and to broaden our understanding of the truth, triumphing over the temptation of immobility and never extricating ourselves from the ‘labyrinth’ of our apprehensions,” proclaimed the Bishop of Rome.

“Fear, rigidity and monotony create an immobility that has the apparent advantage of not creating problems… but leads us to wander aimlessly in our labyrinths, to the detriment of the service we are called to offer the Church and the whole world.”

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