Serbia’s Lesbian Prime Minister Resigns

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Serbia’s lesbian prime minister resigns

Historic Resignation and Succession

Ana Brnabic, the first woman and openly lesbian individual to hold the office of Prime Minister in Serbia or lead an Eastern European country, has resigned after a seven-year tenure. This move comes as part of a government reshuffle initiated by President Alexander Vucic, according to Los Angeles Blade. Brnabic, who also holds the distinction of being the longest-serving individual in this role, will transition to the position of Speaker of the Parliament. President Vucic has appointed his ally, Milos Vucevic, as her successor.

A Trailblazer for LGBTQ+ Rights

Despite her resignation, Brnabic remains the most prominent LGBTQ+ figure in Serbia, a country characterized by its conservative and Eastern Orthodox views.

During her administration, a bill on civil unions was proposed in 2020 but was subsequently withdrawn months later due to negative feedback from legislators and a veto threat from Vucic. Additionally, Brnabic’s government took notable steps towards LGBTQ+ rights, including the introduction of a ban on discrimination against intersex individuals and the elimination of regulations that previously barred LGBTQ+ people from accessing IVF treatments or donating sperm.

International Perspective on Leadership Resignations

Brnabic’s decision follows closely on the heels of openly gay Irish leader Leo Varadkar, who expressed “no regrets” over his resignation. Varadkar’s official resignation has been succeeded by the confirmation of Simon Harris as the new Prime Minister, as reported by PinkNews.

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