Shocking Documentary on Conversion Therapies in Quebec This Fall

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Shocking Documentary on Conversion Therapies in Quebec

Despite being illegal in Canada since 2021, conversion therapies continue to be practiced in Quebec, hidden behind closed doors. The original documentary “Crave Not To Be Gay” delves into the mechanisms, consequences, and horrors of these sessions, which primarily aim to change sexual orientation or gender identity.

The documentary presents heart-wrenching stories of victims who had to rebuild themselves after undergoing one or more conversion therapies. It reveals the banned and outdated methods used to erase differences. In some religious communities or even within certain families, practices such as prayer, fasting, exorcism sessions, humiliation, and more are still used in attempts to “cure” homosexuality or transgender identity.

Directed by Jean-François Poisson (PRAY FOR US, WHO KILLED MARIE-JOSÉE?) and produced by Attraction in collaboration with Bell Media, “Crave Not To Be Gay” will be available on Crave starting next fall.

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