Tallahassee students keep the spirit of Stonewall alive

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Tallahassee students keep the spirit of Stonewall alive

Honoring Stonewall’s Legacy

On June 30, two days after the 55th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, students and community members gathered for Tallahassee Students for a Democratic Society’s (SDS) annual pride talent show. This event is one of the city’s longest-running non-corporate pride celebrations.

Celebrating Queer Victories

SDS organized the talent show to commemorate the historic victories achieved by queer people through collective struggle. By highlighting the spirit of Stonewall and resisting rainbow capitalism, the event showcased a wide array of performances by queer students. This approach kept the focus on the core essence of Pride – a popular struggle led by and for the queer community against capitalist oppression.

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Resisting Corporate Influence

Unlike many pride events, this talent show was free from corporate sponsorship. There were no logos from Chase or employees from Raytheon. Instead, students stood against corporate co-opting, embodying Stonewall’s legacy of liberation and resistance.


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