Trans Woman Florida Kidnapping Arrest, at Gunpoint After Sexual Encounter

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Trans Woman Florida Kidnapping Arrest

Arrest Following Motel Incident

A man was detained by Miami authorities and is facing charges of armed kidnapping and extortion for his actions post a motel encounter, where he held a transgender woman at gunpoint.

Incident Details and Suspect’s Reaction

Joshua Debarge Lucas, aged 34, was arrested after expressing displeasure upon discovering that his sexual partner was a trans woman. He referenced a concept known as “trans panic,” a tactic often used to justify aggression towards trans individuals by blaming their gender identity.

Kidnapping at Saturn Motel

The incident unfolded at the Saturn Motel in Miami’s MiMo District on January 14. The victim, a trans woman facing communication challenges, sent a distress text to a friend, which led to a revealing FaceTime call.

Demand for Money and Religious Justification

During the call, Lucas demanded $200 from the victim’s friends, threatening harm otherwise. He attributed his demand to being “disrespected” and cited his religious beliefs as a (Black) Hebrew Israelite that condemn homosexual interactions.

Accusations and Police Response

Lucas belittled the victim during his intoxication and later recognized her transgender identity. Subsequently, an alarming demand for ransom was made during a video call, observed by the victim’s friends, who then sought police assistance.

Arrest and Charges

After the friends reported the situation, police managed to locate the victim. Lucas, apprehended at his residence in Opa-Locka, contested the accusations but admitted to a degree of unrest post-incident. He now faces serious legal charges and is currently in custody without bail.

Authorities continue to search for an additional suspect involved in the case.

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