The Vatican says it opposes the criminalization of homosexuality

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The Vatican says it opposes the criminalization of homosexuality

Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernandez, at the helm of the Vatican’s doctrinal bureau, unequivocally voiced his opposition to the penalization of homosexuality. This position remains enforced in various countries and finds backing among certain Catholic factions. Fernandez condemned such laws as a significant dilemma, noting through an issuance that, despite the Vatican’s objections to gender transition, gender theory, and surrogacy, it firmly rejects the criminalization of homosexuality.

“Undoubtedly, we are against criminalization,” he declared.

Fernandez, a theologian with liberal views selected by Pope Francis to lead the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith less than a year ago, expressed his dismay at the support such discriminatory laws receive from some Catholics.

Papal comments on the criminalization of homosexuality

In February 2023, Pope Francis made a significant statement, denouncing laws that criminalize LGBTQ+ individuals as sinful and unjust. He highlighted God’s love and support for those drawn to the same sex, emphasizing the urgency of this issue. He pointed out that 50 countries still enforce criminal penalties on LGBTQ+ individuals in some form, with a few even imposing the death penalty.

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A step towards inclusivity with the blessing of same-sex unions

In December, an initiative led by Fernandez’s office resulted in the release of a historic document that allows for the blessing of same-sex couples, sparking significant reactions from conservative circles. Nevertheless, the Vatican maintains its view that homosexual acts are “intrinsically disordered.”

Asked about the possibility of rephrasing this term, Cardinal Fernandez admitted that the expression might be excessively harsh and in need of clarification. “It is recognized that the term carries significant gravity and requires thorough explanation; perhaps a more lucid expression could be sought,” he commented. He added that while the Vatican believes homosexual acts cannot compare to the “immense splendor” of heterosexual unions, it might consider using more appropriate terms to express this view.

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