94% of Young LGBT People Hide Their Orientation in Europe

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94% of Young LGBT People Hide Their Orientation in Europe

In a European setting characterized by an apparent open-mindedness and increasing acceptance of diversity, it is still alarming to note that 94% of LGBT youth prefer to conceal their sexual orientation, either completely or partially. This statistic not only highlights the extent of discrimination these young people face but also emphasizes the devastating psychological and social consequences of this reality.

The Burden of Silence

Family : The First Front of Discrimination

The family, supposed to be a haven of safety and love, often becomes the first stage of rejection and violence against LGBT youth. Accounts of young people experiencing kidnappings, beatings, or even so-called “corrective” rapes by their relatives are striking examples of the hostility they may encounter within their own home.

Impact on Mental Health

This systemic discrimination and familial rejection lead to disastrous consequences on the mental health of LGBT youth. The alarming rate of suicides within this population is a testament to the deep psychological distress caused by a society struggling to accept the diversity of sexual orientations.

Towards a More Inclusive Society

Education and Awareness

To effectively combat discrimination, it is crucial to work towards inclusive education that openly addresses issues of sexual and gender diversity from an early age. Awareness campaigns aimed at the general public, along with the strengthening of laws protecting the rights of LGBT+ individuals, are key steps towards a more tolerant and respectful society.

Support and Solidarity

The establishment of appropriate resources and safe spaces is crucial to offer LGBT youth an environment where they can freely express themselves and find support. The importance of solidarity, both within the LGBT+ community and with allies, cannot be underestimated in the fight against isolation and despair.

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