UFC Commentator Caught Making Homophobic Comment on Hot Mic.

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UFC Commentator Caught Making Homophobic Comment on Hot Mic.

At a UFC 298 event in Anaheim, experienced UFC personality Michael Bisping, alongside podcaster Joe Rogan, was seen engaging in a casual conversation about the newly crowned undefeated featherweight champion Ilia Topuria, who recently secured a victory over Alexander Volkanovski. Bisping, impressed by Topuria’s impeccable record of “15 and 0, undefeated, 13 stoppages,” couldn’t hide his admiration, remarking, “What a guy, what a night.”

However, the tone quickly shifted when Bisping’s praise, perceived as overly enthusiastic, was followed by a controversial comment, labeling the admiration as “too gay.” This remark, caught on a hot microphone, has since sparked discussions, yet apologies from Bisping, the UFC, or ESPN remain absent.

Bisping’s history with homophobic remarks, both in the competitive arena and online, has been noted. His use of derogatory language during matches and on social media platforms reflects a broader issue within the UFC community. This incident is not isolated, as other fighters have also expressed problematic views on LGBTQ+ issues.

For instance, Sean Strickland’s comments in 2021 and his aggressive response to a journalist’s question about accepting a gay son illustrate a troubling stance within the sport. Strickland’s outburst at a news conference, criticizing the journalist’s views and attacking transgender identities, further highlights the need for a dialogue on inclusivity and respect within the UFC and its associated entities.

These incidents, met with silence from UFC and ESPN, call into question the organizations’ commitment to addressing and mitigating homophobia within the sport.

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