A Japanese Lesbian Couple Granted Refugee Status in Canada

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A Japanese Lesbian Couple Granted Refugee Status in Canada

Widespread Discrimination in Japan

Last September, Canada granted refugee status to two Japanese women due to the widespread discrimination they faced in Japan as lesbians and members of the so-called weaker sex. Ottawa also cited the absence of legal marriage for same-sex couples in Japan to justify this decision, noting that the couple was denied the benefits granted to heterosexual couples under the Japanese system.

Justified Fears of Persecution

Canadian immigration authorities declared that the fear of persecution felt by the two women in Japan was based on sufficient grounds. One of the women, known as Eri, is in her thirties, while her partner Hana is in her fifties. They moved to Canada together in 2021 after experiencing discrimination in their community and workplace.

A New Start in Canada

Today, they have obtained permanent resident status in Canada, finding refuge and a new life far from the discrimination they experienced in Japan.

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