AI was used to “complete” Keith Haring’s last work. People hated it.

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AI was used to “complete” Keith Haring’s last work. People hated it.

Controversy Over AI-Completed Keith Haring Artwork

Recent Controversy Sparked by AI Interpretation of Haring’s Art Recently, a notable controversy emerged when generative AI was used to ‘complete’ a work by the late artist Keith Haring, renowned for his activism and open sexuality. Consequently, the shared outcome faced substantial criticism, being labeled distasteful and disrespectful.

Keith Haring’s Artistic Legacy and “Unfinished Painting”

Keith Haring, celebrated for his vibrant and graffiti-like art, often highlighted the AIDS crisis in his work, promoting safe sex and HIV/AIDS awareness. Tragically, Haring succumbed to AIDS-related complications at just 31 years old, leaving behind his “Unfinished Painting.” This particular piece, partially filled with his signature characters, symbolizes a society impacted by AIDS. Moreover, David C. Ward, co-curator at the National Portrait Gallery, noted that the painting was intentionally left three-quarters blank, representing the void created by the epidemic. Additionally, an individual commented on the painting’s poignant backstory, stating, “Through AI, we now have a glimpse into what Haring couldn’t finish.”

AI’s Interpretation of Haring’s Work and Public Reaction

Furthermore, the AI-enhanced version of Haring’s painting replicated elements from the completed section but also extended beyond the original confines. While Haring’s work featured cohesive figures, the AI-generated parts presented fragmented and distorted shapes, failing to capture the essence of Haring’s style. As a result, this interpretation faced widespread criticism on social media for its inadequate execution.

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Legal Challenges Faced by AI Art Companies

In addition, a Reddit user critiqued the AI interpretation, saying, “This execution is disappointing. Had I been responsible for the AI prompt, I would feel shame, not pride. The AI additions lack the intentional expression found in Haring’s work.” Similarly, leading AI companies such as Midjourny and Stability AI are now facing legal challenges. Artists have accused them of using their works without permission to train AI, potentially violating trademark laws. Particularly, Midjourney is accused of circulating a list with over 4,700 artists’ names for AI art creation, with many of these artists now plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

The Case of Plaintiff Kelly McKernan

Lastly, the lawsuit brings attention to artist Kelly McKernan, who was shocked to find their name linked to an AI-generated image on Midjourney, ranking as a top internet search result. This incident highlights the broader concerns among artists regarding the unauthorized use of their names and works in AI-generated art.

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