Alberta’s new transgender rules : From restricted treatments to pronouns and parental rights

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Alberta’s new transgender rules

Alberta’s new transgender rules : Announcement by Premier Danielle Smith

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith unveiled a new policy on pronoun disclosure in schools on Wednesday, along with other restrictive measures affecting transgender treatment and sports participation. The announcement, first mentioned on a radio show last weekend, is likely to provoke heated debate in Alberta, as it has in Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. Alberta’s new guidelines are intended to be stricter than those recently adopted in other provinces.

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Restrictions on transgender treatments and creation of sports leagues

In a seven-minute video posted on X on Wednesday afternoon, Smith announced a ban on certain medical treatments for transgender minors, the establishment of biologically-based, all-female sports leagues and the requirement of parental consent for participation in sex education in schools. These measures mark a significant step forward in provincial policy, underlining a conservative approach to issues of gender and sexual identity.

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