Texas demands trans teens private medical records. Florida and Utah want to send them to prison.

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Texas demands trans teens private medical records.

In Texas, there is a requirement for access to individuals’ medical records. Meanwhile, in Indiana, an investigation focuses on the shoulders of doctors. As for him, an anti-transgender bill in Iowa was unsuccessful.

So much is happening as Republicans across the country attack transgender rights that we can’t cover it all. Here’s what happened this week, as reported on this website and all over the web.

The assault on transgender rights by Republicans nationwide is so widespread that it’s impossible for us to address every incident. Below is a roundup of this week’s events, as documented here and across various online platforms.

  • The ACLU of Ohio announced plans to sue the state to stop its ban on gender-affirming care for transgender youth. (The Hill)
  • Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) has once again requested out-of-state medical records pertaining to Texas minors who went out of state to get gender-affirming care. (Houston Chronicle)
  • Utah’s governor signed a particularly punitive bathroom bill into law, which could see transgender people sentenced to prison time for using the restroom. (LGBTQ Nation)
  • Arizona GOP introduced a bill to make hospitals and doctors pay for detransition services. (AZ Mirror)
  • Florida won’t allow trans people to update the gender marker on their driver’s licenses anymore. (into more)
  • Maryland Republicans are trying to get a transgender sports ban passed. (WJLA)
  • How trans people in Ohio are fighting an attempt to restrict gender-affirming care for trans adults. (them)
  • Thousands submitted comments on the Ohio rule. (Ohio Capital-Journal)
  • An Idaho bill to end legal recognition of transgender people has moved out of committee with a “do pass” recommendation. (Erin Reed)
  • An Iowa bill to remove “gender identity” from the state’s civil rights law has been stopped. (LGBTQ Nation)
  • Texas’s supreme court heard a legal challenge to the state’s recently passed gender-affirming care ban. (Texas Tribune)
  • GOP lawmakers caught discussing how the “endgame” to bans on gender-affirming care for trans youth is banning gender-affirming care for all trans people. (LGBTQ Nation)
  • Indiana’s attorney general hired a D.C. firm to investigate doctors who provide gender-affirming care. (Indy Star)

Source : https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2024/02/texas-demands-trans-teens-private-medical-records-florida-and-utah-want-to-send-them-to-prison/

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