Annette Bening calls on Republicans to stop stoking anti-trans hatred

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Annette Bening’s Urgent Call to Republicans : Stop the Anti-Trans Hostility

In a poignant episode of “The View,” Annette Bening, a highly regarded actress known for her Oscar-nominated performances, passionately addressed Republican leaders. She urged them to end their encouragement of hostility towards transgender individuals. This appeal came as she discussed her strong support for her transgender son, Stephen Ira, a writer, and her growing role in advocating for transgender rights.

Bening’s Personal Journey as an Ally

Bening, traditionally private about her family, opened up about her evolution into an outspoken ally for the transgender community. This change was significantly influenced by her experiences as Stephen Ira’s mother. Bening stated, “I felt it was his right to say what he wanted to say publicly, or not. And now, as time has gone on – especially now with what’s happening, unfortunately, in the political process, that trans people are being used – fear and ignorance is being stoked against trans people in the most frightening way. It’s so unfair and I feel very, very strongly about it.”

A Call for Compassionate Leadership

Bening continued, emphasizing the need for responsible leadership. “I am a Democrat,” she said. “We need a strong Republican party. We need a strong opposition. But we don’t need people to stoke up fear.”

Highlighting the Real-World Consequences

Bening shared a harrowing account involving a friend’s drastic decision to move her family, including a trans daughter, from Texas to Los Angeles. This move was a direct response to the controversial directive by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, targeting gender-affirming healthcare for transgender minors. “My friend was terribly frightened,” Bening said. “We need the Republicans to stand up and say that this is wrong. And that this is — it’s heartbreaking for our country.”

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Understanding Through Connection

Addressing how to bridge the gap in understanding transgender issues, Bening offered a simple yet powerful suggestion. “I would hope that people would find someone in their lives who’s a trans person,” she said. “Because then you really do understand that we don’t have to judge. We have to love and understand. That’s how I feel.”

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