Billie Eilish Sexuality Attracted To Women

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Billie Eilish sexuality attracted to women

Billie Eilish’s Attraction to Women Revealed

In a recent revelation during an interview with Variety, Billie Eilish candidly expressed her physical attraction towards women, a sentiment she had not publicly confirmed despite years of unrelenting conjecture about her sexual orientation.

Eilish Shares Insights on Her Affinity for Women

The acclaimed Grammy and Oscar recipient shared these insights casually in the interview released Monday. Eilish opened up about her general affinity for women, stating, “I’ve always struggled to connect with girls in the typical sense. Yet, there’s an undeniable allure they hold for me, not just as humans but in a genuine, romantic sense.”

Billie Eilish on Physical Attraction to Women in Her Life

Delving deeper, she remarked, “The women in my life – my friends, my family – I find myself physically drawn to them. Their beauty and aura are both enchanting and daunting to me.”

Eilish’s Statement Against “Queerbaiting” Allegations

This admission by Eilish comes as a definitive statement against previous allegations of “queerbaiting” – a term primarily used in fictional contexts, not for individuals exploring their sexuality. Eilish faced such accusations in June 2021 following her music video “Lost Cause,” where she and several girls appeared flirtatious at a sleepover. She addressed this by sharing a screenshot of the video with the caption, “I love girls.” In October that year, Eilish voiced her frustration over public fixation on her sexuality, exclaiming, “Why is my sexuality a matter of public discussion? The same scrutiny isn’t applied to men.” She also discussed with Variety her reasons for preferring oversized clothing, stating, “I wanted to shield my body from public view. I wasn’t ready to expose it, not feeling confident or desirable enough.”

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Eilish’s Previous Hints at Her Sexuality

While the Variety interview is Eilish’s first explicit acknowledgment of her sexuality, she has previously hinted at it. Recently, she shared an Instagram story with the overlay “Gay & Tired.” In August, she named actress Maya Hawke as her celebrity crush and whimsically responded to a cryptic “Fruity?” query with a fruit salad image. Additionally, Eilish reflected on her hit “What Was I Made For?” from the Barbie soundtrack, considering how it influenced her understanding of her femininity, which she described as a complex relationship.

Billie Eilish on Identifying with Womanhood

Eilish candidly admitted, “I’ve never truly identified with womanhood. The concept of being feminine or desirable has always been foreign to me. Despite identifying with ‘she/her’ pronouns, feeling like a girl has never come naturally.”

Eilish’s Openness on Sexuality and Gender Identity

As of now, Eilish has not explicitly defined her sexuality or gender identity with specific terms. Her recent openness in the interview, however, signals a willingness to delve into these personal aspects more than she has previously, a move that goes beyond just addressing online speculation. This level of candidness, in itself, is noteworthy and commendable.

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