A British and Mexican National Detained in Qatar

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A British and Mexican National Detained in Qatar

A man holding dual citizenship of Mexico and the United Kingdom has been detained by authorities in Qatar following an alleged entrapment incident involving the dating application Grindr, his family states.

Arrest and Allegations

Manuel Guerrero, 44, an employee of Qatar Airways, has been incarcerated since February 4 following his apprehension in Doha, the nation’s capital. His brother, Enrique, claims that Guerrero has been falsely lured by Qatari police through a fraudulent Grindr account.

According to Guerrero, he was enticed to a specific site in Doha under the pretense of meeting other gay individuals. Contrary to his expectations, he was met by police who arrested him.

Furthermore, Guerrero alleges that the Qatari officials concocted evidence by placing a small amount of methamphetamine, specifically a quarter gram, in his apartment when he was apprehended, as per his family’s statements.

Guerrero, who lives with HIV, alleges he has been cut off from his HIV medication and has experienced “psychological torture.”

Legal and Human Rights Concerns

A group established to advocate for Guerrero’s release has voiced serious concerns, stating, “the British national ‘has been denied the right to a lawyer and has been forced to sign documents in Arabic without a translator to assist him.'” They argue that he has undergone “cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment.”

They further highlight the grave situation by stating the withholding of Guerrero’s antiretroviral medication is tantamount to “an act of torture and puts his life at risk.”

Enrique Guerrero claims his brother has been coerced into disclosing identities of other LGBTQ+ individuals in Qatar to the authorities.

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Diplomatic Efforts and Family Appeals

The timing of the notification to the U.K. and Mexican embassy officials regarding Guerrero’s detention remains uncertain. Discontented with the British officials’ efforts in securing Guerrero’s freedom, his relatives are seeking aid from Mexico. However, the Mexican Embassy in Doha clarified that Guerrero’s registered residency status in Qatar as a British citizen makes U.K. officials the primary negotiators for his release.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mexico has committed to “do everything within the power of the Mexican state to safeguard Manuel’s rights, his dignity, and his access to necessary health treatments.”

The British Foreign Office has issued a brief statement: “We are providing consular assistance to a British man who is detained in Qatar and are supporting his family.”

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