Gay Games Hong Kong Economic Impact

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Gay Games Hong Kong Economic Impact

Economic Boost from Gay Games Hong Kong

Positive Impact on Local Economy

The Gay Games in Hong Kong, held last year, had a significant economic impact, injecting HK$200 million into the local economy. This financial boost benefited various sectors, including retail and entertainment. Lasting for nine days in early November, the event attracted approximately 5,600 visitors. This group comprised 2,380 athletes who took part in the sporting events, as well as individuals attending concerts and both the opening and closing ceremonies.

Contributions to Various Sectors

The organizers reported that the spending by both visitors and participants had a substantial “indirect and direct” effect, contributing HK$95 million to the local economy. Additionally, the expenditure by the Gay Games Hong Kong organization amounted to nearly HK$60 million. This investment notably supported local businesses across several industries, such as hotels, restaurants, entertainment, and retail, showcasing the event’s wide-ranging economic benefits.

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