Can Europe resist the anti-LGBT politics of hate ?

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Navigating the Storm : The Crucial Stand for Equal Rights in Europe

In an era marked by escalating conflicts, Camille Ogoti emphasizes the critical need for unwavering support for equal rights to safeguard and strengthen the well-being and endurance of Europe’s minority communities. The continent witnesses a rising tide of right-wing, anti-gender sentiment. Leaders like Hungary’s Viktor Orban are at the forefront, openly criticizing what he often labels as “woke culture” and “gender ideology”. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, Gert Wilder and his Freedom Party have made headlines with their pledge to halt “political indoctrination … and gender madness”, leveraging identity as a tool for political gain and increasingly targeting minority groups across various EU countries.

The unfortunate truth is that, as we step into 2024, despite significant progress towards equity and equality, there is an alarming increase in financial support, amounting to millions of euros, for “culture war” factions. These groups are dedicated to undermining the liberties and values that are held dear and considered self-evident in Europe.

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