New Trailer for Love Lies Bleeding, the Queer Thriller With Kristen Stewart

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New Trailer for Love Lies Bleeding, the Queer Thriller With Kristen Stewart

Unveiling “Love Lies Bleeding” : A Cinematic Spectacle

In the latest cinematic revelation, “Love Lies Bleeding” unveils a trailer that promises to astonish audiences, as Kristen Stewart foretold, with its audacious exploration of sensuality. Echoing the trailer’s own words, “The anticipation hanging in the ether is unmistakable.”

A Pinnacle of LGBTQ+ Cinema : The Narrative of “Love Lies Bleeding”

This film, a riveting narrative set against the backdrop of lesbian bodybuilding, stars Kristen Stewart and Katy O’Brien and stands as a pinnacle of anticipation within the LGBTQ+ cinematic landscape this year. The recent trailer, released on A24’s digital platform this Wednesday, offers a glimpse into the prowess of Jackie the weightlifter (portrayed by O’Brien), showcasing her formidable physicality in a bodybuilding contest, followed by a scene where she primes an actual firearm, a motif recurrent throughout the narrative. A cascade of scenes ensues—Jackie and Lou (played by Stewart) share an impassioned kiss; a rope binds wrists in a suggestive manner, hinting at potential Shibari scenes with K Stew, yet the trailer veers abruptly to a scene of blood being cleansed from a surface and a rope dangling from a cliff’s edge, overlooking what appears to be an abyss. This juxtaposition suggests director Rose Glass’s penchant for blending the erotic with the violent, a theme previously observed in “Saint Maud.” Thus, the prospect of Shibari scenes involving Stewart—or O’Brien, for that matter—remains a tantalizing possibility.

A Tumultuous Romance : The Core of “Love Lies Bleeding”

“Love Lies Bleeding” narrates the tumultuous romance between Lou, a hermitic gym overseer, and Jackie, a trainee at Lou’s establishment, a relationship that escalates into violence, entwining them within the sinister web of Lou’s felonious lineage. The inaugural trailer, unveiled in January, set the tone yet divulged scant details regarding the storyline, aside from Jackie’s entanglement in a scheme orchestrated by Lou’s patriarchal criminal figure, and Lou’s ensuing betrayal of him.

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Elevating Queer Narratives : The Sequel Trailer’s Promise

The sequel trailer maintains a reticent stance on the narrative yet enriches the atmosphere with unequivocal queerness—surpassing its predecessor. It features more fervent exchanges, intensified by Lou’s desirous observation of Jackie’s form, culminating in a moment where Lou professes, “I fuckin’ love you, you idiot,” to which Jackie responds amidst scenes of physical altercation and familial conflict, “I love you too.” The narrative thus transcends the cliched humor of “be gay, do crime,” elevating it to an unprecedented narrative depth.

Anticipating the Release : The Promise of “Love Lies Bleeding”

Slated for a theatrical release in the U.S. on March 8, “Love Lies Bleeding,” under Rose Glass’s direction, promises a foray into the complexities of love, crime, and the spaces in between.

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