Hunter Schafer Refuses Transgender Roles

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Hunter Schafer Refuses Transgender Roles

Change of Direction for the ‘Euphoria’ Actress Hunter Schafer, who gained fame through the hit series “Euphoria,” has decided to no longer accept transgender roles. At 25, the actress wants to move away from characters that highlight her transgender identity. “I don’t want it to dominate my career,” she expressed in an interview with GQ. “I’ve overcome many challenges during my transition and now, I just want to be a girl and turn the page.”

Personal Dilemma

The actress reveals she has turned down several offers for transgender roles. “I’m aware that I’m one of the most visible transgender figures in the media right now, and I feel a certain responsibility, even guilt, for not positioning myself more as a spokesperson,” admits Hunter Schafer. However, she believes that not focusing her artistic work on her transgender identity will help her progress in her career. “Moving forward and producing quality work, in service of the movement, will probably be more beneficial than constantly talking about it.”

This decision marks a notable contrast in a context where many transgender actors wish for transgender roles to be played by transgender individuals.

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