Pope Apologizes for Using Homophobic Slur

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Pope Apologizes for Using Homophobic Slur

Use of Controversial Term

Accused by a press leak of using a homophobic term (“frociaggine,” meaning “fags” in English) during a private meeting with Italian bishops, Pope Francis has issued a public apology. In a statement released by the Vatican on Tuesday, May 28, he expressed his regret: “The Pope never intended to offend or use homophobic language and apologizes to those who were hurt by the use of the word.” The Pope apologized for using “frociaggine,” derived from “frocio,” a Roman slur meaning “fag.”

Context of the Meeting

The term was reportedly used on May 20 during a private meeting with 250 Italian bishops. During this assembly of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI), the 87-year-old Pope urged the bishops not to admit openly homosexual individuals into religious seminaries, stating that there was already too much “frociaggine.”

Lack of Retraction

These remarks were reported on Monday by several Italian newspapers, including the prominent daily Il Corriere della Sera. According to this newspaper, “the bishops contacted” claimed that “the Holy Father was not aware of how offensive his words were in Italian.” Since Italian is not Jorge Bergoglio’s native language, “the blunder was evident” and provoked “some incredulous laughter rather than embarrassment.”

Reactions and Fallout

The reported remarks were picked up by media outlets worldwide, causing an outcry and prompting a response from the Vatican. The Holy See’s statement, however, did not confirm that the Argentine Pope had indeed used the term, merely referring to the press articles citing him. No apology was made regarding the substance of the statement.

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