Lifeguard Files Lawsuit Over Working Under LGBT Flag

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Lifeguard lawsuit over LGBT flag

Evangelical Christian Lifeguard Takes Legal Action

In California, Jeffrey Little, an evangelical Christian, has filed a lawsuit claiming that the LGBT pride flag represents values contrary to his beliefs. Little, a long-serving beach lifeguard, refused to work under a post displaying the flag and is now suing his employers for religious discrimination.

Longtime Employee Objects to Pride Flag

Jeffrey Little has worked for Los Angeles County for over twenty years. On May 24, he filed a lawsuit in federal court, stating that the pride flag symbolizes values that conflict with his deeply held religious beliefs.

Dispute Originating in June 2023

The conflict began in June 2023. According to the lawsuit, “The opinions commonly associated (with the LGBT flag) on marriage, sex, and family, are in direct conflict with Captain Little’s genuine and sincere religious beliefs.” Los Angeles County officials had decided the previous year that the pride flag would be flown on public buildings, including lifeguard posts, during Pride Month in June.

Last year, Little requested to be exempt from the requirement to fly the flag. The lawsuit claims that his supervisors assigned him to beaches where the flag would not be flown. However, upon arrival, he discovered that three nearby buildings were displaying the banner.

Act of Defiance and Employer’s Response

In response, Little took down the three flags, prompting his supervisor to issue a direct order to ensure the flags remained flying throughout Pride Month.

Seeking Damages for Emotional Distress

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for emotional distress and requests that the court order Los Angeles County to grant Little an exemption from flying the flag in the future.

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Jeffrey Little is represented by attorneys from the Thomas More Society, a conservative legal group known for challenging abortion rights and same-sex marriage.

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