France : Cannes Unveils the Poster for Queer Palm 2024

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France : Cannes Unveils the Poster for Queer Palm 2024

Poster Reveal Precedes Jury Announcement

Ahead of the full jury reveal scheduled for April 29, the Queer Palm has released its poster for the 2024 edition. This year, the jury will be presided over by director Lukas Dhont, and the poster has been crafted by Italian photographer Sandra Lazzarini.

Spotlight on Sandra Lazzarini’s Work

For its 2024 poster, the Queer Palm, which has celebrated cinematic works addressing sexual and gender diversity since 2010 at the Cannes Film Festival, has chosen to highlight the work of Sandra Lazzarini. A self-taught photographer, Lazzarini uses her images to explore the passage of time on female bodies, employing pastel tones that lend a gentle and caring touch to her subjects. The selected image for the poster comes from her series “Bianca,” depicting the skin of an elderly woman adorned with rhinestones. As Lazzarini shared on Instagram, “Bianca is an exploration of beauty that, though appearing wilted and flaccid, is scrutinized with love and curiosity, representing a foundation for future dialogue with our bodies.”

Lukas Dhont and His Expanded Role at Queer Palm

In addition to his role as president, Lukas Dhont is also contributing to the inaugural Queer Palm Lab, a program designed to support filmmakers working on queer film projects. The jury, led by Dhont, will be tasked with selecting the successor to Hirokazu Kore-eda’s “L’Innocence,” which won in 2023. The jury members are to be announced by the end of April.

More information can be found on the Queer Palm website:

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