Georgian Parliament Initially Approves Significant Restrictions on LGBT Rights

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Georgian Parliament Restrictions on LGBT Rights

Introduction to Legislative Changes

TBILISI, June 27 (Reuters) – On Thursday, Georgia’s parliament preliminarily approved a series of legislative measures that impose extensive restrictions on LGBT rights. These measures include prohibitions on “propaganda” related to same-sex relationships and gender reassignment surgery.

Details of the Proposed Legislation

The legislative package, introduced by the ruling Georgian Dream party, aims to ban Pride events and public displays of the LGBT rainbow flag. A majority of deputies supported the package, which requires two additional readings to become law. According to Parliamentary Speaker Shalva Papuashvili, these readings will occur in the autumn session, just before the general election on October 26. Papuashvili asserts that the bills are crucial for controlling “LGBT propaganda,” which he claims is altering traditional relationships.

Specific Provisions

The legislation seeks to prohibit non-heterosexual individuals from adopting children and prevent gender changes on ID documents. Public gatherings promoting same-sex relationships would be banned, and educational institutions would be forbidden from including “LGBT propaganda” in their curricula. Additionally, broadcasters would be restricted from airing intimate scenes involving same-sex couples.

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