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History of the ‘Lesbian Masterdoc’, a Viral PDF that Became an Essential Part of Sapphic Internet

History of the 'Lesbian Masterdoc', a Viral PDF that Became an Essential Part of Sapphic Internet

Introduction to Lesbian Masterdoc the Subject

The story of the “Lesbian Masterdoc,” a 30-page document that became a viral phenomenon on sapphic internet, is fascinating. First published on Tumblr in 2018 by the user Cyberlesbian, it quickly became an essential guide for women questioning their sexuality.

Importance of the Document

This document, addressing questions such as “What is compulsory heterosexuality?” and “How do I know if I’m a lesbian?”, has helped countless individuals navigate the early stages of understanding their queer identity.

What is the “Lesbian Masterdoc”?


The “Lesbian Masterdoc” is a guide aimed at helping individuals answer the question: “Am I a lesbian?”. It offers a sometimes disorganized but helpful pathway for questioning sapphics.

Content and Objectives

Across its 30 pages, the document highlights the concept of compulsory heterosexuality and how it can influence the experiences of queer women, underscoring the difference between attraction to men and societal expectations.

History of the Lesbian Masterdoc

The Creator : Anjeli Lux

Anjeli Lux, who published the document while exploring her own sexuality in high school, created this guide as a tool for personal and collective reflection on attraction to men and societal pressures.

Context of Creation of the Lesbian Masterdoc

The document was developed based on personal research on compulsory heterosexuality, reflecting the common experiences of many lesbians.

Impact on the Internet

Reception and Spread

Since its publication, the “Lesbian Masterdoc” has seen explosive success on the internet, garnering attention on platforms like TikTok and Tumblr.

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Statistics and Influence

With over 20 million views on TikTok and thousands of shares on Tumblr, the document has acquired a cult status within the online sapphic community.

Analysis of the Content of the Lesbian Masterdoc

Compulsory Heterosexuality

The document focuses on the concept of compulsory heterosexuality, explaining how this social norm can blur a woman’s understanding of her own sexuality.

Identification of Lesbian Sexuality

It offers a unique perspective on how women can distinguish between societal expectations and their true sexual desires.

Testimonies and Influence

Kehlani and Others

Celebrities like Kehlani have publicly discussed the impact of the document on their understanding of their sexuality, testifying to its considerable influence.

Personal and Societal Impact of the Lesbian Masterdoc

The “Lesbian Masterdoc” has helped many women understand and accept their lesbian identity, changing lives and influencing queer culture.

The Document in Queer Culture

An Online Queer Canon

In less than a decade, the document has become an integral part of the online queer canon, validating and supporting the experiences of sapphic women of all kinds.

Validity and Inclusion

The “Lesbian Masterdoc” affirms the validity of all lesbian experiences, including those of non-binary, transgender women, and those who have had relationships with men.

Debate and Criticism

Limitations of the Document

Although widely celebrated, the document has also sparked debates and criticism regarding its methodology and universality.

Diverse Perspectives

The “Lesbian Masterdoc” has opened the way for broader discussions on sexuality and identity, reflecting a diversity of opinions and experiences within the queer community.

Evolution and Future of the Lesbian Masterdoc

Changes Since 2018

The document has evolved since its creation, reflecting changes in perceptions and discussions on lesbian sexuality.

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Current Relevance

Despite its age, the “Lesbian Masterdoc” remains a relevant and influential tool for individuals exploring their sapphic identity.


Summary of Key Points

The “Lesbian Masterdoc” is an emblematic document that has shaped and continues to influence online queer culture, offering a space for reflection and validation for sapphic women.

Broader Significance

Its impact goes beyond the boundaries of the sapphic community, touching on broader questions of sexuality, identity, and societal norms.

Copy of Am I a Lesbian_ Masterdoc.pdf 

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