Hungary : for Orbán, the LGBT community is “an enemy within”.

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Hungary : for Orbán, the LGBT community is “an enemy within”.

A new law in force since February 1 targets associations and political parties allegedly financed by foreign funds. See report.

Like those of all sexual, social and ethnic minorities. Time magazine named Dorottya Rédai one of the 100 most influential personalities of 2021. Then a volunteer with the lesbian association Labrisz, the activist had survived a media and political hurricane after defending the publication of a collection of inclusive tales that told stories of a gay prince, a gypsy Thumbelina, a mixed-race princess and gender-neutral animals. Today, as Executive Director of Labrisz, Dorottya Rédai is anticipating the next round against the illiberal regime of the nationalist Prime Minister.

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The government has just installed a new authority, tasked with preserving the country from foreign “influences”. Supervised by a loyal member of Orbán’s Fidesz party, the Office for the Protection of Sovereignty began work on Thursday. “We’re waiting to see how it will investigate, but sooner or later it will target NGOs and the LGBTQI+ community,” predicts the doctoral student in comparative gender studies.

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