Japan Same Sex Couple Pregnancy : Japan hospital denies LGBTQ woman support for IVF pregnancy

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Japan hospital denies LGBTQ woman support for IVF pregnancy

In a fervent plea on Tuesday, an LGBT vanguard implored the Japanese authority to guarantee equitable medical advocacy for all expectant mothers. This call to action came post an incident where a woman within a lesbian partnership was rebuffed by a medical facility when seeking treatment subsequent to an IVF conception.

The Tokyo-based collective, Kodomap, shone a light on a parallel instance; an unwed woman, having conceived through IVF with aspirations to be a solo parent, was likewise denied a prenatal examination.

This conundrum arises amid an era where Japanese medical institutions are increasingly cautious about indiscriminate acceptance of pregnant women, attributed to a void in legislative clarity regarding sperm donation-induced conception.

In Japan, the prevailing mandate necessitates a heterosexual matrimonial bond for IVF accessibility, prompting some from the LGBT community to seek the procedure abroad.

Kodomap’s entreaty to the state was clear: ensure “every woman, irrespective of nuptial ties or the manner of conception, receives fitting obstetric care.”

Koji Takahashi, a high-ranking officer at the agency, resonated with this sentiment, asserting that the conception method should not result in an obstetrician’s denial of care.

He indicated imminent government advisories to medical centers, aiming to forestall such exclusions.

Delving into specifics, the hospital, when confronted with the case of the IVF-conceived woman from the same-sex relationship, resorted to an ethics committee deliberation. The unprecedented nature of the scenario led to a decision against extending their services to her.

Moreover, the unwed woman encountered a blockade when the hospital demanded extensive documentation from the clinic that facilitated her IVF, a condition she could not fulfill.

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Satoko Nagamura, speaking on behalf of Kodomap, lamented such incidents as manifestations of prejudice or ignorance among healthcare providers towards LGBT pairs desiring parenthood via IVF.

Nagamura firmly denounced the medical establishments’ refusal to administer checkups on grounds of sexual orientation or sperm donation, labeling such discrimination as intolerable.

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