Hungarian president Katalin Novak uses UN General Assembly to go on ‘anti-family’ tirade

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Katalin Novak UN General Assembly anti-family

The recent statements made by Hungarian President, Katalin Novak, at the UN General Assembly, where she addressed what she perceives as “anti-family” values. The article also explores her background and stance on LGBTQ+ rights.

Katalin Novak and the UN General Assembly

Katalin Novak, the President of Hungary, utilized her speech at the UN General Assembly to criticize what she perceives as “anti-family” values. She had previously earned favor from the LGBTQ+ community by vetoing a bill considered inhumane.

Demographic Decline vs Climate Change

Novak expressed her view that demographic decline due to low birth rates is a greater threat to humanity than global warming, a sentiment previously voiced by Elon Musk. She emphasized the importance of procreation and passing the Earth to future generations.

Katalin Novak UN General Assembly anti-family

Parental Rights and Family Values

The president insisted that the right to raise children belongs to parents, not the state or other organizations. She stated that pro-family forces must stand up for their values and interests, especially against what she sees as an “anti-family” and “anti-child” ideological offensive.

Hungarian Values and the LGBTQ+ Community

The article also mentions that Hungary already has a poor reputation regarding LGBTQ+ rights, having ended legal recognition of transgender people and banned discussion of LGBTQ+ themes in schools and media. The Hungarian constitution defines and protects marriage as an institution between a man and a woman.

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Although Katalin Novak had previously blocked a law allowing the reporting of same-sex families to local authorities, her recent “anti-family” statements are not surprising but are certainly disappointing. These statements reflect an ongoing tension between conservative values and LGBTQ+ rights in Hungary.


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