Shocking Revelation ! The Real Story Behind the Woman Throwing Away the LGBT Flag

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Viral LGBT Flag Video Truth

Misinformation Targets LGBT+ Community

In the United States, the LGBT+ community is frequently the subject of misinformation campaigns. A video depicting a woman discarding the LGBT flag has been circulated and even shared by notable personalities like Megyn Kelly, a former Fox News journalist known for propagating conspiracy theories, and Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican representative from Georgia. Both have previously disseminated incorrect information, which has been debunked by AFP.

Uncovering the Fictitious Video

A search on TikTok revealed several videos filmed in the same classroom setting, featuring the same woman from the controversial video, discussing topics unrelated to the LGBT flag. These videos portray the woman in various roles, addressing different societal issues. A reverse image search led to a Facebook account belonging to “Jibrizy,” where the video was found, published on September 16, 2023.

The Real Intention Behind the Video

The Facebook page describes itself as a comedy page, creating realistic videos on societal subjects. The page owner, Jibrizy, is seen in a photo with the woman from the video, claiming to be the director of these viral videos. The videos are revealed to be sketches, intended for entertainment purposes only, with a disclaimer noting any resemblance to real persons or events is purely coincidental.

The Impact of False Information

In the United States, false information about the LGBT+ community is regularly circulated on social media. In June 2023, a manipulated image suggested an adult at a Pride march in California wore a shirt with a disturbing message, leading to a flood of hateful comments. Such misinformation fuels conspiracy theories and intensifies anti-LGBT+ rhetoric, leading to targeted boycotts and discriminatory laws.

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The Rise of Anti-LGBT+ Legislation

In 2022, NBC News reported that 238 anti-LGBT bills had been introduced in the United States since January 1, 2022, averaging more than three per day. The same year saw an increase in bills limiting discussions on homosexuality or transidentity with children, reigniting the cultural war in the country and escalating anti-LGBT+ rhetoric, including false allegations of pedophilia and a surge of laws against transgender individuals by conservative legislators.

In Conclusion

This article sheds light on the prevalence of misinformation targeting the LGBT+ community and its detrimental effects, emphasizing the importance of verifying information before sharing it and being aware of the potential harm caused by spreading false narratives.

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