The “Let Women Speak” gathering by Posie Parker in Liverpool drowned out by LGBTQ+ protesters

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Let Women Speak drowned out by LGBTQ+ protesters

The “Let Women Speak” gathering by Posie Parker in Liverpool drowned out by LGBTQ+ protesters

Hundreds of activists once again proved that love triumphs over hate during a counter-protest against an anti-trans “gender critical” event.

The long-standing campaign of the notoriously anti-trans polemicist has become infamous for its anti-trans rhetoric.

Parker has organized gatherings in Dublin, London, New Zealand, and Australia. Her tour in Australia faced national condemnation by the public and politicians after she was joined by neo-Nazi groups at an event in Melbourne.

Her events are typically overshadowed and outnumbered by counter-protesters using pro-LGBTQ+ chants to drown out the anti-trans views commonly expressed by Parker and other “gender critical” polemicists at the gatherings.

The Liverpool event was no exception. Activists booed as Parker took the stage, while others chanted “boring” as she tried to speak.

Parker started the event laughing at a sign that read “Better to have a trans twin than a dead twin,” then chanted to deny the existence of non-binary or trans people.

The “gender critical” crowd was also handed small lyric sheets with a modified version of The Beatles’ “She Loves You” about how much the crowd loves Posie Parker, which was supposed to be sung as Parker took the stage.

Speakers also included a member of the Thoughtful Therapists group, who opposed the ban on conversion therapy, claiming it could impact “exploratory therapy.” Other attendees were former LBC host Nick Margerrison and former 9/11 conspiracy theorist Charles Veitch.

A social media thread by the Trans Safety Network, detailing the protest as it unfolded, wrote that the gathering was “absolutely overshadowed” by the pro-trans mobilization.

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Loud chants of “trans is joy” could be heard as members of the smaller “gender critical” crowd tried to chant “let women speak.”

A significant police presence, including police boats stationed in the nearby Salthouse dock, separated the two crowds and reportedly blocked the counter-protests. After just over an hour, Parker left the area, and the gathering officially ended with protesters continuing to chant trans joy messages.

The editor of the Trans Safety Network, Jess O’Thomson, wrote that she thought it would be hard to portray the gathering as “anything other than a dismal failure.”

“She was vastly outnumbered, and far-right supporters were identified on site,” she wrote. “It’s not a good look.”

Parker labeled the pro-LGBTQ+ protesters as “angry misogynists” in a statement given to PinkNews and claimed that she and her gender-critical speakers “took the mic defiantly to bear witness to their disagreement.”

She alleges that protesters shouted the word “Nazi” at a Jewish woman speaking about the escalation of the war between Israel and Palestine.

“We will continue to Let Women Speak across the UK and the rest of the world; the protesters will not stop us,” she added.

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