Victoria McCloud resigns due to politicized identity

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Victoria McCloud resigns due to politicized identity

Victoria McCloud Steps Down from Judicial Role

Victoria McCloud, the only trans judge in Britain, has announced her resignation, citing the overly politicized nature of her identity as the reason she can no longer perform her duties effectively. At 54, after dedicating 18 years to the judiciary, McCloud informed senior judicial figures that the prevalent TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist) ideology in the country has prevented her from serving “in a dignified way.” She stated, “I have reached the conclusion that in 2024 the national situation and present judicial framework is no longer such that it is possible in a dignified way to be both ‘trans’ and a salaried, fairly prominent judge in the UK.”

McCloud has voiced her concern that her efforts to encourage other trans individuals to pursue judicial roles have led to her becoming “a public figure and a target,” with increased hostility towards trans people. She highlighted, “it’s been ‘open season’ on trans people.”

McCloud’s Historical Impact and Concerns

Having transitioned in the 1990s, McCloud’s career has been groundbreaking; she was the youngest individual appointed to the Queen’s Bench in 2006 and has presided over significant cases, including those involving high-profile individuals such as Donald Trump. In her resignation letter, she expressed worries that her position could politicize the judiciary.

The legal community and beyond have expressed dismay at her departure. Harminder Bains, an attorney, commended McCloud for pushing the judiciary forward into the 21st century. Nazir Afzal, a former chief crown prosecutor, described her as “one of the finest and fairest judges we have,” lamenting her resignation as “desperately sad.”

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The Rise of Anti-Trans Sentiment in Britain

The resignation comes amid growing anti-trans sentiment in Britain, highlighted by figures such as Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker, the founder of the anti-trans group Standing for Women. Parker has been influential with her “adult human female” campaign, which gained attention from a controversial billboard in Liverpool in 2018. She also operates the Adult Human Female online store, promoting anti-trans merchandise.

Parker’s “Let Women Speak” campaign has seen international attention, including a rally in Melbourne, Australia, marked by neo-Nazi participation. Additionally, Parker faced opposition during her tours, including an incident where she was covered in tomato juice by trans allies and forced to leave an event prematurely. Her attempts to host a transphobic event in New York City in 2022 were also met with significant resistance from trans people and allies.

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