Donald Trump is considering anti-LGBTQ+ extremist Greg Abbott for vice president

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Trump considers Abbott for VP

Trump Reveals Consideration for Greg Abbott as Running Mate

Donald Trump revealed he is contemplating selecting Texas Governor Greg Abbott, known for his pronounced anti-LGBTQ+ stance, as his vice-presidential candidate. During a Fox News interview, when probed about Abbott’s potential nomination, Trump lauded him as “a spectacular man.” Sean Hannity, the Fox host, inquired further, “So he’s on the list?” to which Trump affirmed, “Absolutely, he is.” Trump also mentioned that Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina is a contender on his shortlist.

Abbott’s Controversial Border Actions and Anti-LGBTQ+ Measures

Earlier, Abbott invoked an emergency decree to seize control of a public area in Eagle Pass, a town on the border, barring Border Patrol from accessing a boat ramp there. He encircled the area with a barrier, effectively restricting local access, an action that drew criticism from the town’s officials.

This week, Trump visited the park and commended Abbott for his assertive stance against federal border security measures, stating, “He really stepped it up. It’s been amazing.”

Abbott has faced significant backlash for his history of measures against LGBTQ+ rights, leading to a petition for the U.N. to examine Texas for potential anti-LGBTQ+ human rights breaches.

He sought to label gender-affirming care for minors as child abuse, aiming to remove trans children from parents affirming their gender. However, this move was halted by the state’s supreme court for families under investigation. Additionally, Texas has enacted laws under his governorship that prohibit physicians from offering gender-affirming care to transgender minors, which contradicts the consensus of major U.S. medical bodies. The state also restricts trans students from joining school sports matching their gender identity and demands trans teens’ private medical records.

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Furthermore, Abbott endorsed a law last June banning “sexually explicit” drag performances in the presence of minors, explicitly including performances where men dress “as a female” and vice versa. His deputy deemed drag a “scourge facing our state.” However, the regulation was declared unconstitutional by a judge in September.

Legal Battles and Legislative Actions

The state initiated a lawsuit against the Biden administration over federal directives that support transgender individuals’ rights to workplace restroom access and aim to decrease workplace harassment based on gender identity.

In a notable move in 2019, Abbott ratified the “Save Chick-fil-A” bill, which prevents state and local governments from penalizing businesses due to their “religious beliefs” or “moral convictions,” even if such beliefs result in legal violations. He celebrated the bill’s signing with an assortment of Chick-fil-A meals, aligning himself with the fast-food chain, which gained conservative support after its CEO, Dan Cathy, expressed anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments in 2012.

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