All Parties Except PP Approve Basque ‘Trans Law’ Reform

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All Parties Except PP Approve Basque Trans Law

Legislative Approval and Context : All Parties Except PP Approve Basque Trans Law

The Basque Parliament’s full assembly has passed the reform of the so-called ‘trans law’ this Thursday, receiving backing from all factions except the PP. This reform aims to ensure “comprehensive and appropriate” support for trans individuals within educational, healthcare, and legal sectors, “under equal conditions with the rest of the citizens”.

The discussion and endorsement of the legislation, observed from the guest gallery of the Parliament by various groups and associations active in this field, coincided with the sixth anniversary of the suicide of Ekai Lersundi, a trans youth from Ondarroa (Bizkaia), who took his life at 16 while waiting for hormone treatment.

Objectives of the Reform

Initially driven by the PNV and PSE-EE through a legislative proposal, this reform amends the ‘Law of non-discrimination on grounds of gender identity and recognition of the rights of transgender people’.

The amendment aims to “ensure the right of trans and intersex individuals to receive from the Basque public administrations comprehensive and proper attention to their educational, health, legal, and other needs, on equal terms with the rest of the citizens”.

Core Principles and Goals

Moreover, the legislation sets out to “protect the freedom of these individuals in various social life aspects, particularly in different public services”. Concurrently, it seeks to “help overcome stereotypes negatively impacting the social and institutional perception of these individuals and to set specific measures to achieve a more just, free society founded on equality of treatment and opportunities for trans and intersex people”.


Ensuring Rights and Protection for Minors

Thus, the law stipulates that the Basque public administrations “shall act considering that individuals must be treated according to their sexual or gender identity, corresponding to their perceived sex or gender”. For transgender minors, it asserts their “right to be heard,” emphasizing that the administrations will ensure “the necessary protection and care to foster the free development of their personality and their holistic development”.

In this regard, it is specified that “any intervention by the Basque public administrations must be guided by the principle of catering to the best interests of the child and preventing situations of suffering and helplessness”.

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