Celebrating LGBT+ History Month 2024 : Traditions and Themes in the UK

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LGBT+ History Month 2024

UK and US Observance of LGBT History Month

Every year, the UK and US celebrate LGBT History Month at different times. The UK marks it in February, starting in 2005. Schools OUT UK, an LGBTQ+ education charity, founded this celebration. They focus on LGBTQ education in schools and provide free celebration resources.

The Start of LGBT History Month

The US began its LGBT History Month in October 1994. Rodney Wilson, Missouri’s first openly gay public school teacher, started it. He named it Lesbian and Gay History Month. The UK and US founded their events independently, leading to different celebration months.

2024’s LGBT+ History Month Theme

For 2024, the UK’s LGBT+ History Month theme is Medicine – #UnderTheScope. It celebrates LGBTQ+ people in medicine and healthcare. It also focuses on their pandemic roles and past healthcare challenges.

Difference Between LGBT History Month and Pride Month

LGBT History Month differs from June’s LGBT Pride Month. History Month focuses on lesbian, gay, bi, and trans people’s history. Pride Month promotes LGBTQ+ community awareness and acceptance.

How to Celebrate LGBT+ History Month

To celebrate, schools, workplaces, and councils will host events. Organizations like Schools Out, The Proud Trust, and Inclusive Employers offer resources. They include films, books, and games. Creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ discussions is also important.

LGBT+ Events in London

London will host many events. Queer Britain, the UK’s only LGBTQ+ museum, will have special events. Tate Modern, the National Maritime Museum, and The British Museum will offer queer-themed tours. Bishopsgate Institute will display its LGBTQ+ collection. Raze Collective will present queer performances nationwide. LGBTQ+ bars, pubs, and clubs will also have themed events.

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LGBT+ History Month 2024
The official theme for this year’s LGBT+ History Month is ‘Medicine’. (Schools Out UK)

Pour plus d’informations sur le LGBT+ History Month 2024, y compris les détails sur les événements, les ressources éducatives, et les célébrations prévues au Royaume-Uni, visitez le site officiel du LGBT+ History Month. Ce site offre une vue approfondie et complète sur les contributions et les expériences de la communauté LGBTQ+ dans divers domaines, en mettant un accent particulier sur la médecine et les soins de santé. Pour en savoir plus, cliquez sur ce lien : LGBT+ History Month 2024 – Official Website


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