MAGA pundits want Christians to beat up kids with same-sex parents

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MAGA pundits want Christians to beat up kids with same-sex parents

Highlighting MAGA-Era Intolerance

Last week, a trio of white Christian Nationalists blatantly showcased their intolerance. They selected “CrossTalk,” an online show, to voice their strong dislike for gay individuals, especially youths.

Promoting Violence Against Gay Parents’ Children

These panelists openly encouraged harming children raised by gay couples. They also suggested that schoolchildren should protect Christian values. Shockingly, they proposed that children with unique speech traits, like lisps, should face exclusion.

Behind the Scenes of CrossTalk

Edward Szall and Lauren Witzke, known for their conspiracy theories, run “CrossTalk.” Vincent James, who openly supports fascism and holds anti-Semitic views, joined them. He plays a crucial role in Nick Fuentes’ America First organization, which promotes white nationalism. After their dismissal from the controversial “TruNews” in 2021, Szall and Witzke initiated “CrossTalk.”

Fear-Mongering Against the LGBTQ+ Community

On Wednesday, their discussion unjustifiably centered on the LGBTQ+ community undermining conservatism. They nostalgically recalled times when they bullied peers with gay parents.

Szall’s Warped Perspective

Szall fondly remembered days of targeting such children, trying to justify it as normal behavior. He argued that this violence served a higher, religious purpose.

Perspectives of James and Witzke

James noted he never knew children with gay parents. He observed that even kids who seemed gay would hide their true selves to avoid bullying. Witzke, who is openly against gay rights, echoed these sentiments. She has previously made baseless accusations against gay couples and children’s shows.

Endorsing Marginalization Through Aggression

Clearly, they supported using violence as a tool to impose their beliefs. They endorsed the idea of sidelining gay individuals.

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