Discover Contestants of Drag Race Season 16

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Contestants of Drag Race Season 16

The cast of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 16 is a vibrant and diverse group, featuring 14 talented drag queens. Here’s a brief introduction to some of them :

Contestants of Drag Race Season 16
Discover Contestants of Drag Race Season 16

“Drag Race Season 16” marks the latest installment in the beloved and groundbreaking series that celebrates drag culture. As a platform for creativity, self-expression, and fierce competition, this season promises to elevate the art of drag to new heights. The show has continually mesmerized audiences with its blend of drama, humor, and the undeniable talent of its contestants. This article delves into what makes Season 16 a must-watch.

The Contestants of Drag Race Season 16

Amanda Tori Meating :

(Age: 26 From: Los Angeles, California) : Known for her wit, wigs, and energetic moves, Amanda has styled wigs for Drag Race queens, Lizzo, and Beyoncé’s music video dancers. She brings a mix of camp and comedy to the show​​​​.

Ritz return for All Stars and suggested a musical tribute (Rusical) to Jessica Chastain or Meryl Streep.

Alyssa Edwards

(Age: 26, Los Angeles, California) : Expressed her desire to see Dida Ritz return for All Stars and suggested a musical tribute (Rusical) to Jessica Chastain or Meryl Streep.


(Age: 24, Brooklyn, New York) : Pitched the idea of a Hillary Rodham Clinton-centric Rusical, focusing on her relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

Geneva Karr

(Age: 30, Brownsville, Texas) : Showed her admiration for Kahmora Hall and Kandy Muse, and suggested a J.Lo Rusical.

Hershii LiqCour-Jeté

(Age: 31, Los Angeles, California) : Championed for a Patti Labelle or Beyoncé Rusical and admired Shea Couleé’s makeup skills.


(Age: 33, New York, New York) : Suggested Lady Gaga as a Rusical subject and admired Chi-Chi from “To Wong Foo.”

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(Age: 29, Las Vegas, Nevada) : Admired Aquaria’s makeup skills and brought a unique perspective to the group.

Morphine Love Dion

(Age: 25, Miami, Florida) : Expressed her enthusiasm for a Shakira-themed Rusical and praised Valentina’s makeup skills.

Mhi’ya Iman Le’Paige

(Age: 34, Miami, Florida) : Echoed the desire for a Beyoncé Rusical and praised Kennedy Davenport.

Nymphia Wind

(Age: 27, New York, New York) : Expressed interest in seeing Violet Chachki and Sasha Velour return, and remained neutral on pop culture topics.

Plane Jane

(Age: 24, Boston, Massachusetts) : Hoped for a Britney Spears Rusical and admired Krystal Versace’s makeup.



(Age: 24, New York, New York) : Dreamed of a Rusical about Barbra Streisand or Liza Minnelli and admired Morphine Love Dion’s makeup.



(Age: 26, Kansas City, Missouri) : Showed admiration for Irene Dubois and a Lady Gaga Rusical, and praised Jaida Essence Hall’s makeup.

Sapphira Cristál

(Age: 34, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) : Hoped for a Leontyne Price Rusical and admired Morphine’s makeup skills.

Xunami Muse

(Age: 33, New York, New York) : Suggested a Rusical about Celia Cruz and also admired Morphine Love Dion’s makeup.

The Essence of Season 16

A. Contestants and Their Unique Styles

Season 16 introduces a diverse cast of drag queens, each bringing their unique flair and backstory. From avant-garde fashionistas to classic glamour queens, the range of styles promises a visual feast.

B. Challenges and Performances

The season is packed with innovative challenges that test the queens’ creativity, performance skills, and resilience. Expect high-energy dance numbers, emotional acting performances, and runway looks that push the boundaries of fashion.

C. Judges and Guest Appearances

The judging panel, led by the iconic host, continues to offer insightful, sometimes sassy, critiques. Celebrity guest judges add an extra layer of excitement, bringing their perspectives to the show.

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Impact on Culture and Community

“Drag Race” has been instrumental in bringing drag culture into mainstream awareness. Season 16 continues this legacy, highlighting the artistry and dedication of drag performers. The show remains a beacon for LGBTQ+ representation and empowerment.


Q1: When does Drag Race Season 16 premiere ?
A1: The premiere date is set for [insert date], promising an exciting start to the season.

Q2: Who are the contestants of Season 16 ?
A2: Season 16 features [insert number] contestants, each with a unique style and story. [Insert a few names or descriptions].

Q3: What can viewers expect from this season ?
A3: Viewers can expect a blend of high fashion, compelling drama, and jaw-dropping performances, making it a standout season.


“Drag Race Season 16” is set to be a spectacular showcase of talent, creativity, and the enduring spirit of drag culture. It’s a testament to the show’s ability to evolve while staying true to its roots. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the series, this season is poised to captivate and inspire.

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