LGBTQ+ Families in the Midwest Documentary

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LGBTQ+ Families in the Midwest Documentary

New Documentary Shines a Light On Life for LGBTQ+ Families in the Midwest

“We Live Here : The Midwest” is a significant documentary that shines a light on the lives of queer and trans families in the American Midwest, a region often perceived as embodying traditional “family values.” This film explores the diverse experiences of LGBTQ+ families in Iowa, Ohio, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Kansas, providing a much-needed counter-narrative to the usual focus on queer communities in coastal, urban areas.

The documentary follows five families :

  1. Nia and Katie : A queer, trans couple with five children in Iowa, facing challenges after being expelled from their church.
  2. Mario and Monte Foreman-Powell : A gay Black couple in Nebraska, raising their infant daughter.
  3. Denise and Courtney Skeeba : Lesbian farmers in Kansas, who resort to homeschooling their son due to bullying.
  4. Debb and Jeff Richmond : A trans couple in Minnesota, navigating life together.
  5. Russell Exlos-Raber : A gay teacher in Ohio, actively supporting LGBTQ+ students, alongside his partner Adam.

The film also introduces viewers to Minnesota State Representative Heather Keeler, a queer mother who speaks candidly about the challenges and threats she faces as an Indigenous queer woman in a political role.

Redefining Family Values : The Vision of Directors Maerker and Miller

Directors Melinda Maerker and David Clayton Miller have crafted “We Live Here : The Midwest” to question and broaden the understanding of ‘family values’, challenging the exclusionary narratives often associated with this term. Their work emphasizes inclusivity, kindness, and support for neighbors, values that are intrinsic to the concept of family but have been narrowly defined in some contexts.

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Spotlight on the Midwest : Enhancing LGBTQ+ Representation in Media

With its focus on the Midwest, the documentary is a crucial addition to LGBTQ+ representation, bringing to light the experiences of queer and trans families in a region often overlooked in mainstream media. This project not only offers visibility to these families but also challenges stereotypes and invites a broader understanding of what it means to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community in different parts of the United States.

Expanding Horizons : From the Midwest to the American South

Given the success and impact of “We Live Here: The Midwest,” the creators are considering a similar documentary focusing on LGBTQ+ individuals in the American South. This prospective project, currently in the research phase, promises to continue the important work of showcasing the diverse experiences and challenges faced by LGBTQ+ communities across the nation.

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