Lil Nas X Has Entered His Christian Era

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Lil Nas X kneels before God and seems to announce a new musical era.

A Glimpse of New Christian-Inspired Music

On Wednesday, November 29, the Grammy winner shared a snippet of a new religious song on X, writing: “Do you mind if I enter my Christian era?” In the video, Lil Nas performs part of an acoustic ballad in a parked car, then dances in a deserted traffic intersection, wearing a denim skirt ready for Sunday church and a T-shirt that says, “If God doesn’t exist, then who’s mocking you.” Was this a teaser for a new song? We hope so! “Father, stretch my hands / The lonely road seems the longest,” he sings. “Help me with my plans / Everything seems to go nowhere / Oh, free me from worry and pity / Free me from all this envy in me / I don’t want these feelings / I don’t want these feelings / I’m calling the angels / I’m doing my best to face my pain, yeah / Give me hope when I feel / Give me hope when I feel less.”

Mixed Reactions from Fans

Many fans were initially confused by the video, some wondering if it was yet another example of Lil Nas’s expertly crafted online trolling.

Embracing a New Era

“It sounds like a hit but I can’t take you seriously 😭😭,” wrote one fan. However, many of Lil Nas’s followers were quick to compliment his voice and express their excitement for the musician’s new “era.”

“I love this!” wrote another user of X. “As a fan since day one and a gay Christian, I’m obsessed! Amazing song and I live for this denim skirt.”

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Lil Nas’s Clarification on His Musical Direction

A few hours after sharing the snippet of the new song, Lil Nas went on X once more to reiterate that this is not a joke—he may have sold “Satan Shoes” to annoy homophobic Christians, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be religious. “Making Christian music doesn’t mean I can’t suck dick, the two are not mutually exclusive,” he wrote. “I’m allowed to kneel for multiple reasons.”

Lil Nas X’s Journey with Religion

This isn’t the first time Lil Nas X has talked about his relationship with religion. In a 2021 interview with British GQ Style, the rapper spoke about his experiences growing up with a gospel preacher father in Georgia and accepting his queerness as someone who once believed being gay was a test from God. Needless to say, he has clearly evolved over the years.

Lil Nas’s Artistic Expression and Public Perception

“You see everything I do as a gimmick,” Lil Nas continued in a separate tweet. “Whereas in reality, I’m just an artist expressing myself in different ways. Whether I’m a cowboy, gay, satanic, or now Christian, you find a problem! You don’t police anyone else’s art like mine. You hate me because I’m fun, cute, and small.”

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