Nepal Launches LGBT-Friendly Initiatives at Inaugural International Rainbow Tourism Conference

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Nepal LGBT Tourism Conference

A New Chapter for LGBT Tourism in South Asia

On Saturday, Nepal took a significant step in establishing itself as a welcoming destination for LGBT travelers within South Asia through its inaugural International Rainbow Tourism Conference. This landmark event underscores the nation’s commitment to promoting a safe and inclusive environment for all visitors.

Groundbreaking Collaboration and Support

Organized by the non-governmental organization Mayako Pahichan Nepal, the conference was held for one day and featured strong partnerships, including with the Nepal Tourism Board. A statement released before the conference highlighted its importance: “This pioneer event organized by Mayako Pahichan Nepal in collaboration with Nepal Tourism Board marks a significant milestone in promoting diversity and inclusivity within the tourism industry.”

Leadership and Advocacy

Sunil Babu Pant, the executive director of Mayako Pahichan Nepal and also the first parliament member from the LGBT community, expressed enthusiasm about the event. “We are thrilled to host the first rainbow tourism conference in Nepal,” Pant remarked, emphasizing the progressive strides being made in the region’s tourism sector.

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