Man Charged Hate Crime Stabbing Bronx Transgender

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Man Charged Hate Crime Stabbing Bronx Transgender

Formal Charges Against Carlos Santana

On December 7th, Carlos Santana, aged 28, was formally charged with a series of offenses including assault, weapon possession, harassment, and hate crimes. This follows an incident on November 9th in the Bronx’s Morrisania area, where Santana is accused of attacking a transgender woman, Tiffany Simmons, amidst a heated exchange laced with anti-LGBTQ language. The altercation reportedly began when Santana was arguing with another woman and Simmons attempted to intervene.

Details of the Assault on Tiffany Simmons

Authorities report that Santana, angered by Simmons’ involvement, assaulted her with a sharp object while hurling derogatory slurs. Simmons sustained injuries to her thigh, ear, and back, requiring medical attention and subsequent treatment involving four staples.

Legal Perspectives: Prosecutor vs Defense

Prosecutor Ashley Akl highlighted Santana’s transphobic and homophobic tendencies, noting his evasion of arrest for a month. Defense attorney David Kirsch countered, stating Santana did not actively avoid arrest. The trigger for the initial dispute remains unknown.

Hate Crime Context in New York

This incident took place in El Borinquen, a recently opened affordable housing complex in the Bronx, just days after a similar hate crime occurred in Brooklyn.

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