Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses mother of “child abuse” for supporting her trans child

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Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses mother of “child abuse”

Accusations of Child Abuse by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has leveled accusations of “child abuse” against a mother for assisting her transgender daughter in obtaining gender-affirming health care.

Misrepresentation of Gender-Affirming Care

Greene circulated a video on social media, originally posted by Chaya Raichik, known online as “Libs of TikTok,” which seems to originate from a 2012 episode of NBC’s Dateline. This episode highlighted the story of Josie Romero, a young girl in the midst of her gender transition, who has known she was a girl since the tender age of three. Due to bullying, Josie and her family relocated several times. She had been under the care of Dr. Johanna Olson at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for some years before receiving puberty blockers. A scene in the video shows Romero receiving an injection of puberty blockers, visibly in tears – a reaction to the discomfort of the needle rather than the treatment itself. This imagery is often misused by conservatives to dispute the validity of medical treatments for children, drawing a parallel to reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine in children highlighted by the New York Post in 2022.

The Outcry Over a Medical “Scandal”

Raichik commented on the video, calling it a significant medical scandal and urging viewers to react with indignation.

The Legislative Response

Greene echoed these sentiments, labeling the act as “child abuse” and advocating for legislation to prohibit gender-affirming care for transgender minors. She argues that her proposed bill would outlaw such treatments for children, although it does not address the general use of injections or the fact that her bill would still permit cisgender children to undergo medical procedures similar to those denied to transgender youths. Contrary to Greene’s claims, gender-affirming care is endorsed by leading medical organizations in the U.S. and recognized as the standard of care for transgender minors. Evidence shows puberty blockers significantly reduce the risk of suicide among transgender individuals over their lifetime.

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A Mother’s Fear and Determination

The comprehensive Dateline segment reveals Venessia Romero, Josie’s mother, discussing her daughter’s consistent identification as a girl from the age of three and a distressing incident where Josie attempted to harm herself with nail clippers.

Venessia recounted intervening in time to prevent her daughter from injuring herself, emphasizing her preference for a living transgender daughter over losing her child. This narrative underscores the complex and often painful journey of transgender youth and their families, contrasting sharply with the politicized debate surrounding their right to access care.

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