MrBeast YouTuber Kris Tyson comes out as transgender

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MrBeast YouTuber Kris Tyson comes out as transgender

Kris Tyson’s Journey : A YouTube Star’s Transition

In the vibrant world of YouTube, Kris Tyson, a prominent figure known for collaborations with MrBeast, revealed a profound personal journey this past weekend: Kris has transitioned and now identifies as a woman.

Heartfelt Revelation with Anthony Padilla

During a heartfelt dialogue with Anthony Padilla, a fellow YouTuber, this revelation was shared last Friday. “I am a woman,” Kris expressed, marking the first time this affirmation was made in a public setting. “This is a realization I’ve embraced with full confidence for over a year now,” she added.

Gender Identity Exploration

Kris reflected on her gender identity exploration which began about eight months prior. Initially uncertain about her exact identity, she was keen on understanding the essence of being beyond cisgender norms. “I experimented with the idea of being gender fluid,” she explained. “I pondered over what tethered me to masculinity. After much introspection and therapeutic conversations, I understood that it was societal expectations, pegging me as ‘Chris from MrBeast,’ the fire-starter, the builder, which influenced my perception. Though I enjoyed those roles, I never resonated with being ‘the guy.’”

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Fan Speculation

The announcement in April about starting hormone replacement therapy led many fans to speculate about her transition. However, Kris clarified, “It wasn’t until now that I’ve made this public declaration.” She shared that the MrBeast team has been a pillar of support since her disclosure about her gender identity three years ago. Jimmy Donaldson, known as MrBeast, publicly condemned transphobia following Kris’ openness about her HRT journey.

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Kris’s Future: Embracing Authenticity

Kris intends to use her chosen name with her close circle but will continue as Kris online for now. She expressed an exhilarating sense of freedom and authenticity. “For the first time, I feel limitless. I’m not just authentically trans; I’m authentically Kris in every aspect of my life,” she concluded.

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