Nepal registers first same-sex marriage

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Nepal registers first same-sex marriage

Landmark LGBT+ Marriage in Nepal : A Historic Triumph

In a landmark moment, Nepal has finally acknowledged its first LGBT+ marriage, heralding a “triumph for all.” Following a pivotal Supreme Court ruling in June, this forward-thinking South Asian nation has formalized the union of an inaugural LGBT+ couple, as announced by Nepalese authorities on Thursday, November 30.

Overcoming Bureaucratic Hurdles: The Five-Year Journey

The journey to this recognition spanned five years of bureaucratic hurdles. However, on this notable Thursday, Nepal celebrated its historic first LGBT+ marriage. Maya Gurung, a 41-year-old transgender woman, and Surendra Pandey, a 27-year-old man, exchanged vows in 2017 during a Hindu ceremony. They have now received their marriage certificate in a village within the Lamjung district, situated in Nepal’s heartland. “We are overjoyed and proud. This is a victory […] for couples like us,” expressed a delighted Maya Gurung.

A Hard-Won Victory: Securing Marriage Rights

Securing this certificate was no easy feat: initially, their request was denied by district authorities, and their appeal was rejected. It was only after the Supreme Court’s favorable ruling in June that local authorities became “much more receptive,” praised their lawyer, Rounik Raj Aryal. Maya and Surendra’s triumph is not just theirs but also represents the hopes of over 900,000 LGBT+ community members in a country of 30 million. “They have paved the way: it’s a victory in a decades-long battle for marriage equality. They have made history. This is a monumental event for us,” celebrated Sunil Babu Pant, an LGBT+ rights activist.

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